Keynote Speaker for information events

Turn your information session into an informative and communicative event for your clients and employees. How? With the keynote speaker from MyKeynoteSpeaker.

Product presentation and information event with a difference: neither lengthy and fact-driven, but informative and entertaining, thanks to MyKeynoteSpeaker.

Information events are especially useful for announcing new products or processes or strategies. The focus here is purely on imparting knowledge about the product to be announced. However, the information event also offers the opportunity to convince people attending the lecture format of your product.

Information events with MyKeynoteSpeaker

To ensure that an information event does not degenerate into a frontal lecture and that the participants leave the event with an increased interest in your product, an exciting, stimulating, open and discursive event design is required. Ideally, the content, the presentation and the external framework are designed to meet the interests of the target group and participants.

In addition, communication should also be in the target group-specific technical language and the speaker should appear authentic in the moderation. At the same time, the speaker should have the necessary expertise for the respective field of application in order to be able to respond to the questions of the people accordingly.

For your information event, we offer speakers who have years of experience in a wide variety of disciplines and are also highly trained in open forms of communication and lecture series. Benefit from the expertise, charisma and other diverse qualities of our speakers.

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