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Benedikt Böhm: A life between top management and extreme mountaineering

Danger is his elixir of life. You might think. But the successful entrepreneur and extreme mountaineer Benedikt Böhm is far from being a lifelong adrenaline junkee. Still, risk is part of his world.

Benedikt Böhm has established a new mountaineering trend that is 100 percent geared towards speed. Crazy? He says no. Although he does his tours on the eight-thousanders not only at a frantic pace, but at the same time also without external oxygen cylinders or other support.

Benedikt Böhm was born the fifth of six children in 1977. This was followed by schooling in Munich and Bad Tölz, Germany, military service with the mountain troops / ski train in Mittenwald and Murnau, international management studies at Oxford Brookes University, England with a Bachelor of Science degree in July 2001, exchange semester at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, USA, since 2003 international managing director of the Dynafit brand and board member of the Oberalp group Dynafit ( He has been a competitive athlete since he was 11, and he has regularly undertaken speed ski expeditions from the earliest years – from the Alps to mountains up to 8,000 meters high.

Since March 2020, Benedikt Böhm has been writing a column for the German news magazine “Focus” in addition to his management and speaking work. He reports on how the experiences he makes as an extreme athlete determine the way in which he shapes his “everyday life” – privately and professionally

Benedikt Böhm: CEO of Dynafit & Speedmountaineer.

His experience and teaching, the skills he has acquired over the years in sometimes life-threatening situations on his adventurous mountain tours, accompany him through his entire life. His lectures and his column in “Focus” are about dealing with courage and fear in a healthy way, about the central role of lightness and reduction and also about finding a way to allow, exploit and live your very own talents. Benedikt Böhm lives the way of balancing a life as a manager with a passion for extremes.

Benedikt Böhm inspires and maybe even gives the final kick to live the part that might seem too extreme for the general public, too little according to the norm. His message: simply do it!

Because less is more in the extreme mountains, he also pleads for reduction. On his website he writes: “The reduction to the essentials is today’s formula for success given the multitude of possibilities and ways that we can choose every day. By concentrating on the essentials, goals are achieved faster and in the end we are usually happier.” He dares to ask the question why it is so difficult for us to reduce? Why is it that we turn to “more” rather than “less”? How do we succeed in recognizing the essential among all the possibilities? What are the advantages of doing without unnecessary things for business, but also privately?

Benedikt Böhm’s way of speaking tunes one in. He has the ability to really make one want this mindset of being solid and crazy at the time. Benedikt Böhm’s lectures take you on a journey into a maybe new world. They give courage and inspiration. Because he embodies exactly what he is talking about: courage to experience limits outside the norm, the love of risk, but at all times without losing the ground under your feet.

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