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Anitra Eggler is blond and cheeky and pretty clever. Her mission is to make people aware that digital is not only a blessing. She wants people to turn their brains back on using the digital media.

Already in 2010, she invented her “digital therapy” with which she wants to fight against widespread communication diseases. “Digital Therapy helps people and businesses to exploit the digital blessing which the digital revolution has brought us,” she says. The idea: to convey to people with a twinkling eye that we all have to change our behavior if we prefer to stay healthy instead of going insane.

Anitra Eggler wears a black T-shirt with golden letters saying: “Go fuck your #selfie!”. She says, “Back in the ’90s, when you talked on the street, you were “important”- today you’re enslaved, a zombie.”

She is different because of her crystal clear opinion. The former a start-up entrepreneur was in constant communication with digital media, day and night. Today, she sees the world differently. About the “Digital Nomads”, for example, she thinks: “After all, they only pursue media literacy, which is lived on. Every half hour 140 characters “Blubb” are chased into the ether of unimportance, only interrupted by six hours of sleep. When do these people live? And what are they living on? 140 characters of air guitar? “That’s probably a really good question. The answer blurs somewhere in the shallow filter of the digital world.

Anitra Eggler has eventually pulled out from the digital madness. She has treated herself so to speak of the digital lunacy. Today, she warns against the digital long-term distraction and recognized long before studies where done that it destroys the human ability to concentrate. She becomes serious: “That’s a huge problem. If I’m constantly trying to do everything at the same time, I’m not doing anything right anymore. Harvard doctors now call the long-term distraction »ADT – Attention Deficit Trait«. Namesake Dr. Edward Hallowell assumes that every second Manager today suffers from ADT. That means: it lets itself of the next interruption, z. Spam e-mail, say what he does next, not his prioritization.”

Her tip to get out sounds almost too simple: simply switch off. Relax. Well, easier said than done for sure. We all know how hard it is to withdraw from this easy to reach world. Anitra herself had to train hard for it. She started to take time again to critically question for what purpose she was using which medium or device. She also configured her media and devices to take the shortest route to the aimed destination. It was particularly difficult to interrupt rituals that had crept in: constant standby, communicating constantly, even on vacation, or check e-mails, even if you have no time to answer, eg. B. in traffic. Today she pleads for attention for others and to be present and human.

In her lectures, she speaks in German, English and Spanish about humor, consumption and trade, startup, stress management as well as time / self management and future generations.

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